Price list

Color Touch-ups and Highlights / Lowlights

Splash Color
(4 Foil Packs ANY Color)
Full Color
Formulated permanent / semipermanent hair color for grey coverage or to create a total New look. *Does not include haircut or style* Starting at $65
Quick Fix Highlight / Lowlight
Mini highlight / lowlight using a maximum number of 8-10 folks. *Does not include haircut or style*
Full Highlight / Lowlight
The entire head is processed with foils to create a contrast and brightening effect Throughout hair. *Does not include haircut or style* Starting at $80
Corrective Color
$40 - $60
Hair color is not like paint that can just be removed with paint remover. Not it can always be painted over. Like a white wall, sometimes you cannot paint over the mistake with corrective white paint. First you have to remove the wrong color, which can take several hours or a few sessions. If you want to fix your hair color disaster, prompt action is necessary. *Does not include haircut or style* $40 - $60 per hour
Re-Do Color
Color / Lightener Touch-up
Application of color / lightener to out grown roots to achieve the desired shade. ROOTS ONLY! *Does not include haircut or style*
Ombre (balayage)
The hair world borrowed the term “Ombre” from the French word meaning shaded or shading. Ombre hair color is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the end. It’s usually achieved using a bayalage technique and ideal for clients looking for a low maintenance style.
Partial Highlight / Lowlight
Color or lightener is applied using foil techniques on top portion of head to emphasis A settle or dramatic look with light to dark shades in hair. *Does not include haircut or style* Starting at $60
In the classic art of placing a graphed cap on head and pulling small amounts of hair Through selected areas. *Does not include haircut or style* Starting at $60
Color Consultation
Get a professional consult for that nasty box color that didn’t quite do what you want or Maybe you want something new and not really sure if it is the right color for you

Permanent Texture

The process of creating curls and waves in your hair to enhance the body and volume In your style. *Does not include haircut or style* Starting at $55
Specially Perm
A particular perming procedure to achieve a desired curl such as a spirals. *Does Not include haircut or style* Starting at $80
Perm Deluxe
Perming service, tailored cut to your new waves, with a blow dry & professional Styling of your choice Starting price $90
The process of extracting previously curl perm out of hair. Is not Relaxer! *Does Not include haircut or style*

Hair Cuts and Other

Basic Women’s Haircuts
Professional cut tailored to your lifestyle. *Does not include shampoo or style*. Starting at $20.00
Shampoo & Style
Deep cleaning & conditioning of hair, styled drying and used of curl / flat iron. Starting at $22.00
Bang Trim / Neck Trim
Clean-up of Bangs or necks. Starting at $8.00
Quick hair cleansing & conditioning. Starting at $5.00
Shampoo & Set
Deep cleaning shampoo, roller setting under dryer & comb-out. Starting at $18.00
Blow Dry
Quick dry. Starting at $10.00
Conditioning Treatment
Help your hair & scalp look and feel their best. Whether it’s moisture, strength or a Little of both. Ideal for after chemical process. Price starts at $15

Special Occasions / Up-dos

The Dramatically All-Down Formal
$35 & up
Complete over the top Shampoo & Style with your choice of refined curly, waves Or straightening. Great for proms & night out on the town. Starting at $35
The Picturesque Up-do
$35 & up
An elegant style where most of the hair is gathered up & arranged away from the neck for that picture perfect moment. Great for proms & bridal. *Hair needs to be clean & dry prior service* Starting at $35
Extensions / Weaving – Implementation
Extension are positioned close to the scalp by wearing, braiding or bonding and may consist of real or synthetic hair. They are designed to add length and volume to the style. When applied professionally, extensions will mix and move naturally with any style
The Glamorous Half-Up
Gathering the top half of hair in a graceful style & allowing the rest to fall in rich curls, Waves or straighten. Great for proms & evening glam! *Hair needs to be clean & dry prior service* Starting at $55
Up-do Consultation
Professional consult to discuss how that special day will be perfect